Beware: Rumour of Chen Li Ping getting fired by Mary Chia is online scam

25 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Sponsored posts claiming that MediaCorp artiste Chen Li Ping has been sacked as Mary Chia’s ambassador have been making its rounds on social media, receiving a lot of attention and shares.

According to Daily Vanity, these posts claim that the reason for her being fired was because she revealed to the media the “real” reason for her weight loss: By taking slimming pills called Garcinia Cambogia.

The rumour appears to originate from a article uploaded onto a website that appears to be masquerading as the official website of health and fitness magazine Women's Health.

It bears the same masthead, but the link differs from the official Women's Health website, reports AsiaOne.

Mary Chia has since clarified on their Facebook page and debunked the scam. This is what the company said:

"Clarification: Mary Chia would like to clarify and advise online users not to be taken in by this online scam syndicate. Ms Chen Liping has never consumed any slimming pills from any source in the course of her weight loss journey.

"She achieved her weight loss through the weight management program which the Company customized for her, as well as through adopting a healthy diet. Please do not be deceived by these fraudulant sponsored posts by unknown web merchants.

"The consumption of unknown pills and substances from shady sources may contain ingredients that may prove harmful.

"Please help us share this with your friends to prevent any online users from being taken in by this scam."

In 2013, Women's Health posted a warning on its website that it is aware that several websites are unlawfully using the Women's Health logo to sell diet supplements and pills, and it does not endorse these products.

"We are pursuing all of our legal rights in order to attempt to stop this type of unlawful use of the Women's Health brand logo, etc. In the meantime, and as a warning to all of our loyal customers, we recommend that you not purchase from the companies.

"Several sources are reporting that, if you provide your credit card information to the companies selling these pills and supplements, your credit card will be charged indefinitely, and you will not be able to cancel," the warning said.

Read the rest of the article on Daily Vanity.

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