Bet your college girls weren't this cute

21 February 2013 / 4 years 3 months ago

And that's simply because you didn't have A Pink‘˜s Eunji, Na Eun, and Chorong attending your school.According to an article on allkpop, A Pink‘˜s Eunji, Na Eun, and Chorong all tried their hand at depicting the life of average Korean college girls for @star1.Although the girls aren’t currently attending college, they did their best to envision what it’d be like, including moments of mischievousness like putting their high heels on the library desk.The girls look perfectly at home (at school?) in the classrooms, and since they’re in school, didn’t overdose on the hair or the makeup. The only thing they seem to have gotten wrong is that perhaps they look way too happy about going to and being in school...

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