Bet you didn't know baking is a required talent for stars

11 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

There's nothing that melts a man's heart quite like a tray of oven-fresh cookies. Small wonder many stars take to the kitchen to impress their fans.Actress Moon Geun Young recently warmed the hearts of fans when she whipped up some homemade cookies for a fan meeting.On Mar 8, Namoo Actors tweeted a clip of the actress baking with the caption, “Here is footage of actress Moon Geun Young baking cookies for her 4th fan meeting!‘In the stills taken from the footage, Moon Geun Young can be busily preparing cookies for her fans in a comfy gray hoodie. Netizens who saw the clip fawned especially over Moon Geun Young’s lovely appearance without make-up or any sort of  frills whatsoever. In the clip, Moon Geun Young declared, “I put something extra special in my cookies; if you tried them, you won’t ever forget their incredible taste!‘ The stills capture the actress making various adorable expressions while mixing the batter, waiting for her cookies to come out of the oven and wrapping each individually as a token for her love for her fans. Netizens who saw the stills remarked, “She’s as kind-hearted as she is beautiful!‘ and “I love Moon Geun Young! She’s my favorite actress.‘Of course, the best cookies in the world won't net you an avid following without knowing how to look cute while doing so. Check out the rest of the gallery for the cutest K-pop and J-pop have to offer.

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