BESTie's Haeryung defends controversial photoshoot

4 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

BESTie's Haeryung talked about her controversial photoshoot for 'Arena Homme+'.

According to a report on allkpop, she took the above photo for the photoshoot. Because of the pose, she quickly became a hot issue on real-time search engines.

She told Newsen, "I wasn't embarrassed taking that photo. At first, I was flustered, but as the photoshoot went on, I did a lot of poses. After that photoshoot, I think I gained a lot. I got to take a lot of other photoshoots, and I got a chance to have a lot of other experiences."

On their climbing popularity, Hyeyeon said, "We're a little dense, so we need more time to feel our popularity."

Haeryung added, "Every time we release an album, we feel a lot that fans are taking more and more interest. More fans come to see us at stations, and foreign fans give us presents, too. It makes us think we should work diligently."

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