Bernice Liu in bad mood because of ex-bf Moses Chan's wedding?

19 June 2013 / 3 years 11 months ago

Many people gave their blessings to the newly-wed Moses and Aimee Chan, and the couple were in high spirits. However, it seems not everyone is thrilled about recent events as reporters discovered that Moses Chan's ex Bernice Liu's mood has been down ever since the wedding announcement.On the set of her new drama, Lucky Treasure, she was seen constantly checking her phone during breaks as if waiting for a call. Bernice also frequently skipped her meals. Perhaps her lack of appetite was due to the bad weather and all-night filming, but many pointed out that her behaviour was because she regretted giving up her relationship with Moses. Bernice denied the rumours and stated that both she and Moses have different goals and ambitions, reports ihktv. When asked about her refusal to eat after hearing about the wedding, Bernice smiled and clarified, “Wow, thank you for helping me stay popular with the gossip! I do eat and I usually order takeout too, but the weather’s really hot and humid so it affects my appetite.‘ Bernice also implied that simply sending blessings is enough and there is no need for her to attend their celebratory dinner.Bernice’s love life has not been smooth ever since her breakup with Moses, so he turned to rather traditional methods in hopes of finding Mr. Right., Earlier, she was photographed wearing a tri-colored bracelet that is said to be lucky as well as helping her with her love, wealth, and career.It was finally revealed that Aimee is three months pregnant and will be giving birth in January. It is still uncertain where Aimee will have her baby but the paparazzi speculates that the pair has chosen North York General Hospital in Toronto.Related stories:What Aimee and Moses Chan did during their secret wedding trip in Paris Guess how much Moses and Aimee Chan's lavish Paris wedding costDid Moses Chan and Aimee Chan wed because she is pregnant?

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