Believe it or not: One of S'porean model's best buys is $25 jeans

14 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

This multi-hyphenate of Chinese and Italian heritage is having an exciting year.Just last week, she was in Italy for the Venice Biennale, where she performed in a piece called Future/Perfect. It starred Milla Jovovich, who she calls "a very professional actress and a strong improviser"."We had only a few brief moments together in the show, but it was amazing to be part of something that she was in," said Lazan -- who has appeared in TV shows here -- in a My Paper interviewLazan - formerly known as Elizabeth Tan - now splits her time between Singapore and New York. The move prompted her to change her last name.When she got to New York in 2010, she discovered that there was already another actress going by the name of Elizabeth Tan, and she had to distinguish herself, she said. "Lazan" is a combination of her grandmothers' last names - "Lazzari" and "Tan".She might have to change her name again in the future, as marriage is on the cards. She is engaged to glass artist Ivan Mora."He proposed to me in New York, near the Brooklyn Bridge," she said. "We're very busy at the moment, but we are trying to line up (ceremonies) late next year in both California and Singapore."Like any woman, Lazan gets worked up at the mention of a sale. When asked about her favourite sale buys, she pointed, to the pair of jeans she was wearing."I bought these at Macy's.They are from the studded collection from Rachel Roy," she said."Can you believe they were only S$25, down from S$150? I had to get them!"She added: "As I am based in New York and Singapore, and travel a lot for work, I am fortunate to be able to hunt down the best buys in different continents."She will be back in town for the Great Singapore Sale."I will be looking for long pants and dresses because these make me feel feminine and really showcase my best features," she said.

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