Beautiful Vietnamese dancer stricken with leukaemia finally fulfills dream onstage

7 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Sunday, Nov 02, 2014

A young Vietnamese dancer's struggles of battling leukaemia have prompted many viewers to offer help after her appearance on a local television show.

In VTV3's programme, before and after photos of Vo Thi Ngoc Nu show a stark contrast between a lively, beautiful young woman, and a dispirited, frail-looking one.

Ngoc Nu, 26, has been recently diagnosed with leukaemia and is currently undergoing chemotherapy at a local hospital.

She shares a small, run-down apartment with her mother, and they are unable to afford the hefty medical bills for her leukaemia treatment.

Ngoc Nu, who has a dream of becoming a professional dancer, was invited onstage by VTV3's crew to partake in an impromptu dance performance where she danced before her mother.

Local charity Sharing The Life Organisation has also stepped in to raise VND10,000,000 (S$606) for Ngoc Nu's on-going battle with leukemia.

The charity is posting frequent updates on her condition on its website and one recent update said that they are discussing further treatment options with her family and doctors.

They are now seeking a match for a stem cell transplant to replace the blood cells destroyed during chemotherapy with healthy stem cells from the donor's blood or bone marrow. 

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