Beautiful female bullfighter gets gored by bull twice

31 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Karla de los Angeles is one of Mexico’s very few female bullfighters, famous for being beautiful and brave -- was gored by the same bull, twice.

Angeles, 26, suffered a gash to the thigh and buttock from the attacks. She was gored once, but she continued the show which happened last Sunday (Dec 28), only to be gored again.

According to Fox 29, she suffered a 24 cm thigh gash and a 15cm slash to the buttock.

The bull she was facing was a 495 kilogram bull named Gamusino. She was injured by Gamusino when she went in for the kill.

The bull had caught her with his horn when he was lifting his head, and tossed her into the air when she had tried to go in for the kill.

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