Beautiful actress is just one of Thai tycoon's many lovers

2 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: Plush, Photos: The Nation, Internet,, Instagram,, Forbes.comBangkok - Actress Bongkot or Tak Kongmalai may not be Boonchai Bencharongkul's first love, but as far as his romantic history goes, she can be assured of his devotion.The Dtac founder is not just an enormously wealthy businessman, but he is also an artist at heart.He is known for being passionate about whatever he does and is always devoted to the subject of his interest.He is the kind of guy who spends hours on projects that interest the woman he loves, and is known to cherish each minute they share.At 58, Boonchai is still in many ways Prince Charming.After all, he has been ranked by Forbes magazine as the 13th richest guy in Thailand."Once he becomes fascinated by a thing or a girl, he will do everything to get it or her," a close friend said.So far, the tycoon has been in long-term relationships with at least five women, and has even wed a few of these lucky ladies.He now has five children.The friend said that Boonchai's ideal woman is pretty, tanned and has big round eyes.This probably explains why Bongkot, 27, caught his attention.The actress disclosed that they had been dating for just about a month before he proposed to her."So, I suggested that we get engaged first," she said.The high-profile couple will be getting engaged at the museum on November 19.Boonchai, however, has been rather quiet about his much-publicised relationship with Bongkot, telling the media that he would only speak about it at the engagement party.It is no secret that Boonchai ended his relationship with former actress Benja Baramee only late last year and yet declared undying love for her earlier this year."I may be legally divorced but I am still wearing our wedding ring," Boonchai was quoted as saying in a magazine interview in July, during which he also described Benja as the "love of his life"."Nobody can love me as much as she does, and no one can love her as much as I do," he said.The Boonchai-Benja love story began more than a decade ago when the tycoon was still legally married to Wanna Bencharongkul.He met Benja at his home about 20 years ago when she was visiting his then-wife, Wanna.Even though Boonchai did not intend to divorce Wanna initially, he eventually yielded to Benja's wishes.However, he has insisted that Wanna continue using his last name because, after all, he sired two children with her.Now, Boonchai is busy proving his love for Bongkot.Not only has he proved to his soon-to-be mother-in-law that he is indeed divorced, but has even painted his fiancee's portrait.Perhaps, Bongkot will soon be getting the financial backing she needs to fulfil her aspiration to become a film director.Her beau, after all, is known for his generosity.As for Boonchai, he is elated.His status on WhatsApp reads "BB [Boonchai Bencharongkul] is Happy" - an emotion his friends have put down to the latest developments in his love life.

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