Baseball mascot stunned by on-pitch kiss from Subin

11 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

After completing a pitch at a baseball game involving the Nexen Heroes on Tuesday (Jul 09), Korean girlgroup Dal Shabet's Subin stunned the team's mascot, Mr Jaw, by giving him a kiss.According to pictures published on a Korean JoongAng Daily report, the star first held up a placard with words that asked Mr Jaw to accept her love since she was over 20 years of age, before leaning over to give him a smooch.After the kiss, the mascot hid his face in his hands as Subin ran away, also with her hands over her face.Subin made the surprise move at the Mokdong Baseball Stadium in southwestern Seoul, where Nexen Heroes was playing against Lotte Giants.Could this be a PR stunt to promote the band, or was it just a playful act from the Dal Shabet member?

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