Is Barbie Hsu pregnant at last?

10 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Taipei - Actress Barbie Hsu last Friday said she might finally be pregnant after being married for almost three years.

But she told reporters in a telephone call she had not got a doctor's confirmation nor told her Chinese businessman husband Wang Xiaofei and her restaurateur mother-in-law Zhang Lan the good news.

She said she was confident about it as she has missed her period, reports The Straits Times.

The media read her eagerness to talk about a pregancy as her attempt to deflect its scrutiny from her talkshow host sister Dee Hsu, whose husband Mike Hsu and father-in-law Hsu Ching-hsiang are being probed over allegations of profiting from insider trading.

Barbie Hsu, 37, had been photographed looking more fleshy lately.

She spoke to the media after sending out a statement, asking reporters to spare some thought in their write-ups for Hsu Ching-hsiang, whom she described as "kind" but "ineloquent".

The alleged insider trading case involved a bakery endorsed by her sister and owned by Mike Hsu and Hsu Ching-hsiang.

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