Is Barbie Hsu pregnant again? Fans think so after seeing this photo of star in Taiwan

11 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Caption:  Barbie Hsu(Left) Barbie Hsu in a photo taken by a fan in Yilan. (right)

Taiwanese actress-host Barbie Hsu has said she doesn't intend to have a second child, AsiaOne via My Paper reported.

Her retort came after a member of the public snapped an unflattering photo of the star while she was holidaying in Taiwan's Yilan county with her family.

In the photo, Barbie, 38, who is carrying her daughter in one arm, is spotted with a bulging belly, leading fans to speculate that she may be expecting baby number two.

However, the horrified actress swiftly put the rumours to bed, saying:

"Oh my, how could such a scary photo exist! I'm not pregnant! I must have eaten too much."

She added: "I don't intend to get pregnant again!"

The popular host and actress recently launched a book detailing her pregnancy and motherhood journey. In her book, the image-conscious Barbie said it took her a year to lose the baby weight.

She also revealed that she weighed 79kg at her heaviest during pregnancy, to fans' disbelief.

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