Barbie Hsu throws major bash for baby girl's 100th day celebrations

6 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Barbie Hsu and her husband threw a party to celebrate their baby girl's 100th day on Aug 1.

According to, the happy family of three and their families welcomed hundred over guests to the event in Beijing.

Barbie who used to sport a svelte figure still carried her pregnancy weight. She said she has been exercising and hopes to slim down in a healthy manner.

The 1.63m tall actress said she ballooned to over 60kg during her pregnancy and has lost 20kg to date. She has not reached her target weight and will continue to exercise to reach her goal.

She revealed that she still suffers from pains and has not been breastfeeding her baby.

The event was a bustling family affair with many guests bringing their kids. The place was set to a white theme and decorated with many red roses, balloons and even a merry go round for the children to enjoy.

The star of the party, Wang Xiyue, was also dressed in a beautiful white gown and was honoured with a five-tier birthday cake.

During the party, a video montage was shown to the audience which moved Barbie to tears. She shared how thankful she was to have been blessed with such a happy baby girl.

Even though the pair dated one month before getting engaged, the couple both said they have no regrets.

Barbie said she was confident that her husband has no regrets marrying her, especially with the birth of their baby girl.

Barbie Hsu
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