Barbie Hsu denies she was paid $1.59 million to wear bra on head for ad

25 February 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Actress Barbie Hsu (aka. Big S) responded via her microblog to the rumours that she was paid 8 million RMB ($1.59 million) to endorse a brand of underwear by wearing a bra on her head.The ad was criticized by netizens as disgusting and vulgar. She first refuted the rumours that she was paid with 8 million RMB, then denounced the underwear company for maliciously Photoshopping her advertising photo shoot, reports China Buzz.The scandal started from an article on Taiwan based Today’s News, which reported that an underwear brand that Barbie Hsu endorsed stole the spotlight at the Underwear Week event held in Shenzhen Exhibition Center because photos of Barbie Hsu wearing a bra on her head were hung all over the exhibition hall.It was also reported that in order to promote the products, the brand invited Barbie Hsu to be its spokeswoman for one year with a payment of 8 million RMB at the end of last year, and Barbie Hsu nodded at that time and shot some photos for advertisements.However, after Barbie Hsu married wealthy businessman Wang Xiaofei, she refused the company's requests when they wanted her to attend the Underwear Week event to support the brand and attend its promotional show.View more photos of Barbie Hsu in the gallery below.

Barbie Hsu
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