Banned film: MDA awaits decision on director's appeal

22 October 2012 / 4 years 1 day ago

Source: The Straits TimesSINGAPORE - The Media Development Authority (MDA) elaborated yesterday (Oct 20) on its decision to reclassify the film Sex.Violence.FamilyValues and said it awaits the decision on an appeal from its director.It disclosed that apart from complaints about the racist language used by a character in the film, there were also complaints about a character that appeared in the uniform of a local school.These complaints appeared to be triggered by an online trailer publicising the film, said MDA's director of communications Ho Hwei Ling, in a letter published in The Straits Times Forum page today.The trailer shows an actress wearing a blue and white uniform similar to that of the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ) schools.Sister Maria Lau, the provincial or head of the Infant Jesus Sisters, which manages the CHIJ schools, declined to comment when asked if it had complained to the MDA.The film was to have been shown in a commercial theatre with an M18 rating but was reclassified with the rare Not Allowed for All Rating last week.The new rating amounts to a ban on the film as this classification means it cannot be shown.Initially, the MDA gave Porn Masala, one of three films in the Sex.Violence.FamilyValues compendium, an M18 rating "as we recognised it as a satire on racial ignorance", said Ms Ho.The rating was accompanied by an advisory about the coarse language and racial stereotyping in the film, so that "the viewing public (can) make an informed choice", she added.But the complaints led the MDA to seek the views of the Films Consultative Panel, which comprises members from various professions, age groups and races in Singapore.

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