Baek Ji Young's husband emptied his bank account buying gifts for her

10 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

During the October 7 broadcast of SBS’s “Healing Camp,” guest Baek Ji Young opened up about topics such as the malicious rumors about her miscarriage, life after getting married to actor Jung Seok Won, and her activities as a singer.

MC Kim Je Dong opened the discussion by saying, “There's a rumour going around that you are a skilled woman who secured him a good future,” reports Soompi.

Baek Ji Young replied, “There's another rumour that I him a car, and one one that claimed I bought him everything, even clothes.”

A message from Jung Seok Won himself was then revealed by MC Sung Yu Ri. “Actually, we fought a lot in the beginning of our relationship. I really hated talking about how big or small our incomes were because of my pride.

"Even if I was just a rookie actor back then, every time I received something from Baek Ji Young I saved my last bits of money to give her a gift worth twice as much." “There was even a time when I emptied my account of money after receiving two pairs of shoes from her.”

Baek Ji Young said, “I had no idea my presents gave him that much worry. He thinks it is shameful to receive a gift from a woman."

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