Baek Ji Young wins another lawsuit for commercial usage of her photos without permission

19 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Korean pop singer Baek Ji Young has reportedly won another lawsuit against a plastic surgeon who had used her photos for commercial usage without permission.

According to News 1 via a report on, the Seoul Central District Court for civil appeals ruled in favor of Baek Ji Young in the case against plastic surgeon Mr. Song, who runs a cosmetic surgery clinic in Songpagu, Seoul, on July 17.

Although the damages were originally estimated to be 5 million KRW (S$6,000), the court ruled for 3 million KRW (S$3,600) in compensation.

The court stated, "We noticed that Mr. Song used Ms. Baek's photos and name on his plastic surgery clinic's blog with the goal of attracting visitors to it for promotional purposes... Since Mr. Song used Baek Ji Young's name and photos without permission for profit, it was a violation of her personal rights."

In the past, the 38-year-old singer also partially won two lawsuits against plastic surgeons for unapproved commercial usage of her name and photos.

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