Bad reviews for Switch: Andy Lau takes the blame

20 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Andy Lau’s Switch continues to be hit by poor reviews.While Andy was promoting his new film, Blind Detective in Shanghai, reporters continued to hound him regarding the bad reviews surrounding the film although the organiser had banned all questions relating to Switch, reports Apple Daily."Andy did not avoid the questions and replied, “Because this is my responsibility. From today onward, I will account to myself and to all of you.‘For the first time, the heavenly king admitted his mistake for choosing the wrong script.“My biggest mistake was to choose the wrong film! I overestimated myself and always thought I could turn any script into a good one. I will do better next time. Sorry!‘For fear that Switch would affect the box office hits of his new film, Blind Detective, Andy said, “It’s my fault. Sammi Cheng and Johnnie To are very good.‘Blind Detective's director Johnnie To spoke up for Andy and said that Andy was not in it for money and fame. He was only helping a new director.Andy was the not only one who got the blame. His co-star Lin Chi-ling has also been named the Queen of bad movies.Taiwan has cancelled a Switch premiere in which Chi-ling is supposed to attend.The movie production company said, “So as not to lose the focus and protect the artistes‘ as a reason to call, off the premiere.Related stories:Andy Lau and Lin Chiling's Switch hit by negative reviews Andy Lau says he overestimates himselfAndy Lau wants an entire film with Lin Chiling in bedWhy Lin Chi-ling had to apologise to fellow actor's wife

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