Backstabbing Korean co-hosts are actually close friends in real life

25 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

They stab each other in the back and are often seen fighting on the popular Korean variety show, Running Man.But bickering co-hosts Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo are actually close friends who often work out together - and even have sleepovers."But we're not dating," quipped Kim, who was in town for a showcase at Kallang Theatre last Friday.Kim, 36, was in town to promote his seventh solo album, Journey Home. The singer and host spoke to reporters at the M Hotel before his showcase, which saw 1,500 fans in attendance.Kim is one of seven hosts on the award-winning Running Man, a show that has garnered legions of fans since its debut in 2010.The game show - in which the hosts and a changing roster of guests aim to outwit and outlast one another in a series of crazy tasks - has seen A-list celebs, like Hong Kong star Jackie Chan and South Korean Park Ji Sung, a former Manchester United player.The hunky Kim, a member of the now-defunct boyband Turbo, has earned a reputation as the show's "commander" - but one with a soft spot for women.My Paper caught up with him to ask about bromances, love and fitness.When your co-host Ha Dong Hoon got married recently, you said that you couldn't eat and were jealous of him.Why? Do you want to get married too?We always talked about marriage.All of a sudden, he's married.He's younger and getting married first. I didn't feel a sense of betrayal, but more a sense of emptiness, of losing a friend.

Do you want to get married soon?Marriage was what I used to think about constantly. When I was younger, I thought I wanted to get married by 35, or maybe 40. But, now, I'd want to take it slow.Which other host is your greatest competitor on Running Man?At the start of the show, I had no competition. But now, everyone has improved, especially Kwang Soo.And his focus is to beat me.Song Ji Hyo is the only female host on Running Man. Do you guys defer to her?She's a beautiful actress. But we feel that she's one of the guys. She's really strong, and really crazy. She did bungee jumping (on a recent episode filmed in Macau). She has no fear.You're known for your muscular physique. What's your secret to keeping fit ?Control and willpower. I don't take a lot of salty food, I work out about two hours a day and I make sure I don't eat for a few hours before I go to bed.There's a longstanding rumour about you being involved with Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye, whom you've worked with before.It's actually a running joke on Running Man now. What would happen if she actually agreed to a guest spot?Through another variety show, X-Man, we became very close. Seeing each other after such a long time, it could be awkward. But it would be quite a funny situation.So, would you hope to be teamed up with her?Of course, (we would have to be) on the same team. I'm not sure if she would want that, but I hope she would! Man airs on One (StarHub Ch 823 and mio TV Ch 513) on Fridays at 11.45pm.

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