Avis Chan posts mushy messages online in hope of winning Chrissie Chau back

22 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Despite getting ditched by Chrisse Chau last month after he was caught cheating on her, it seems Avis Chan is set on trying to win her back.According to an Oriental Daily report, the stylist-turned-actor has posted mushy messages such as "I LOVE U ALL" on his Weibo account a day after Valentine's Day, and then an even-mushier message two days later that wrote: "U know that I will Miss u n Love u until die".On 18 February, Avis posted again: "I hope love me, everyone will be happy". He then posted another message: "I hope that the people around me will be healthy and happy".People around him? Is Avis sending his blessings to Chrissie?However, Chrissie was apparently unmoved by these declarations, and she is determined to start afresh.Chrissie was spotted shopping for a new mattress with good friend, Hailey C at a furniture store on Monday (Feb 18). Subsequently, Chrissie was also shopping for a pillow and new bedsheets. It seems that she is determined to throw away all the shared memories with Avis.Perhaps Avis realised that his reconciliation tactics are fruitless. He wrote on Weibo yesterday: "For my loved one, I will love her more. For those that hate me, I will hate them more than a thousand times".When asked about the meaning of his Weibo posting, Avis said that it was only a spontaneous remark. "I do not know who love or hate me. It is not related to anyone", he said.Any chance of reconciliation with Chrissie then?"You will never know what happens tomorrow" replied Avis.

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