Aunt seeks apology from Jolin Tsai after family drama at subway station

1 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Jolin Tsai's aunt wants a public apology from her after the pop-star reportedly refused to acknowledge her family members after a an incident which occurred at subway station.The drama started when an army boy started rolling on the ground and weeping at the subway station. He was heard saying "I do not want to return to my platoon," reports Apple Daily.His father stepped in and told members of the public who at the scene that the boy was the cousin of Jolin Tsai.Jolin's manager, however, said that he was only a fan and not a relative.This made Jolin's aunt angry, who said that Jonlin's sister had stayed with her when she was studying in America.The aunt, who still resides in America, said, "Apologise publicly to us. Admit your mistakes to make up for our humiliation and pain."Jolin's manager responded by saying, "It is difficult for us to comment but I really feel sorry for Jolin. She has not spoken a single word and yet is dragged into this mess. I am speechless."

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