Asian male celebs flaunt their rippling 'V lines'

16 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Abs are so last century. In Taiwan, the craze now is for oblique muscles, or a well-defined V line that dips way below the waist, as popularised by President Ma Ying-jeou’s son-in-law, former model Allen Tsai Pei-jan.Mr Tsai’s marriage to Mr Ma’s daughter Wei- chung, 33, was reported last month and the 33-year- old finance executive’s modelling past was quickly brought to the fore, reports The Straits Times. So was his V line, which is so pronounced and eye-popping in photographs of him in low-rise jeans, it might well be a 3-D visual effect.Also known as renyuxian or merman line in Mandarin, the look is a new must-have for male stars from Taiwan. Actor-singer Vanness Wu wore his like a badge of success for his appearance last week on the Chinese celebrity diving show Stars In Danger.Through the lens of the oblique-obsessed Taiwanese media now, there appears to be only haves and have-nots.Wu, 34, has an Apollo’s belt, as the look is also known classically. So do ‘“ or did ‘“ stars such as singer Jay Chou, 34, and actor Eddie Peng, 31.Actor Wu Chun, 33, who owns a gym chain, is believed to have a V line, but he refused to flaunt it in public in Taipei last week.Instead, he told his fans: “You are all so lecherous.‘Farther afield, in Hong Kong, singer Aaron Kwok, 47, is the, undisputed merman king. Lines that drive women wild (Merman Lines 人鱼线 Pt 1) Get that perfect V-line (Merman Lines 人鱼线 Pt 2)Check out photos of other Asian celebs with hot bodies in the gallery below.

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