Asian actresses play dress up in school girl uniforms

9 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: China MoshHere are actresses in students uniform, who is more pure in your mind?Twins has been in entertainment circle for more than 10 years, recently they shot a group of cover photos for their brand new album “3650‘³ , one picture is in students uniform.Again when Twins wear students uniforms, their appearance and gestures are very much like school girls,1. Angela Zhang in “Romantic Princess‘ plays a cute student2. Ariel Lin Ariel Lin in “It started with a Kiss‘, many of her roles are students, Do not forget she was a beauty trials champion.3. Cecilia in the “King of Comedy‘ can only be described with one word ‘“ Amazing.4. Cyndi Cyndi in “Heaven’s wedding dress.‘5. Dong XuanDong Xuan in “The founding of a party‘ plays a progress student6. Gao Yuanyan student molding with a sad shy look in ‘Beijing Bicycle‘ makes people still remember years later.7. Han Chae YoungHan Chae Young: Improved school uniform is more casual and fashionable, tender and lovely.8. Han XueHan Xue in the “Peking Miss‘ plays a female student.9. Karen wears school uniforms in the film “Mr. Cinema‘, her 16-year-old young female student shape really gives us a surprise.10. Karena LamWith gentle temperament but stubborn heart, Karena Lam fell in love with his Chinese teacher.11. Kim Tae-hee Kim Tae-hee in “Love Story in Harvard‘ plays pure female students12. Female anchor Liu Yan also wears pure sexy school uniform13. Moon Geun YoungCute Moon Geun Young in schoolgirl costume14. Son Ye-jinSon Ye-jin: black blue uniform and two thick tails show her intimacy15. Song Hye KyoSong Hye Kyo: white short-sleeved shirt looks very fresh.16. Sun Feifei Sun Feifei ‘“ beautiful school beauty in “Love Story in Harvard‘17. Twins ins student uniforms18. Yang YingYang Ying student molding is cute and sexy19. Zheng ShuangZheng Shuang becomes famous for her pure student shape in TV series “With the view of the meteor shower.‘

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