Arrested Chinese actress and K-pop idol allegedly met Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko often for parties

1 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Chinese reports revealed that two actresses had been arrested in the same drug bust involving Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko earlier this month.

One was confirmed to be Chinese actress Alice Li, who stars in the upcoming Hong Kong film To the Fore, report Jaynestars, Itn and Oriental Daily.

The other was Joyce Chang, a former Chinese member of the Korean girl group RaNia. Joyce had performed under the stage name Yijo.

Alice and Yijo are close friends of Jaycee and Kai. The four often meet for parties and share pictures through Instagram. The two actresses were reportedly arrested on the same night as Jaycee and Kai.

However, both were said to have pleaded for leniency so the authorities did not reveal their identities to the public at the time. Alice’s agency, EEG, confirmed that it was unable to contact Alice over the past few weeks.

Alice’s family also could not reach her. In addition to Alice and Yijo, a third Chinese actress, whose surname is Qi, was also arrested.

To the Fore’s male lead Eddie Peng expressed his shock at Alice’s arrest, but added that he is not too worried that her arrest will affect the film’s premiere.

He said, “We will try our best to get everything done right. We cannot let this incident change anything. I’ll just try my best in my role.”

Taiwanese model Xuan Xuan, who is good friends with Kai Ko, was rumored to be involved in the drug scandal.

In an event held in Taipei, she said she will get her urine tested to prove her innocence. “The results should be out in two weeks.”

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