Arissa Cheo meets hater on Instagram -- just for using F-word

27 December 2014 / 1 year 9 months ago

One Instagram user was particularly irked when Singapore heiress Arissa Cheo posted a picture on her Instagram (@xxarissacheoxx) with the caption: "Merry F----- Christmas".

Taking offense, the user felt that she was "reflecting badly on [her] husband's faith" by using swear words.

This launched a whole social media debate from Arissa Cheo supporters and the Singaporean herself. 

The user then goes on to call her a "rich spoilt girl" and that she wouldn't even know who she was if not for her husband. 

Cheo is famously known as the new wife of mandopop star Vanness Wu; they celebrated their marriage with a star-studded banquet held in Singapore on January 4.

Cheo's Instagram has since been set to private.

Read more about Arissa Cheo here.
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