Arissa Cheo attacks Vanness Wu on Instagram again -- but he has equally epic response

9 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

It seems like local socialite Arissa Cheo’s marriage with Taiwanese actor-singer Vanness Wu is on the rocks (yet again). And what better way to rant against her husband than to do it on social media.

In the past one year after they got married, the pair had been involved in several high-profile online arguments and rants against each other, reports The New Paper.

In her recent Instagram post uploaded three days ago, Cheo, 33, wrote a lengthy caption accompanying a picture that says: “I may not be completely happy with where I am in life right now, but I am grateful for everything I’ve been blessed with.”

Her caption made references to Wu, 36, saying: “being in love with the idea of something, being consistently idealistic and havin your head up in the clouds is never gonna work, especially when some people only want something that they never even sincerely n genuinely wanted/needed, keep doing weird-ass things that are justified in their own overtly self-righteous ways (which ironically, are completely unbiblical) that completely go against instead of working hard on building up.”

And if that part was too cryptic, she was more straight forward with this line: “I’ve sucked it up and kept silent, been there done that, while I ended up being vilified as the 'cheater' and 'wild party girl' who’s 'not good enough'.”

These labels had previously been thrown at her by Wu's fans after it surfaced that things may not be all peaches between the celebrity couple.

“u won’t even begin to know what the truth is on all that. and now I just keep lashing out from all the years of lies, deceit, pent-up frustration and prolonged emotional abuse, looking like the fool and yes it becomes my fault too in this aspect, which I know I need to stop.”

She ended her rant with a parting shot - at someone who she said should have been close to her, but was "never there for me ever in every way possible, not even at my lowest point (not even one phone call, jetting off to Paris alone for a holiday...)".

Cheo also suggested that the person she was referring to could go travelling despite his "busy schedule that basically excludes me entirely all the time".

"I should be used to it by now."

A few hours later, on the same day, Wu retorted by uploading a picture on his Instagram account (@vannesswu) that read: “What if we all love each other”, accompanied by the caption “Seriously”.

Vanness, who was recently in Hong Kong for a press conference of his new film was probed on his marriage. However, he declined to respond on his wife’s statement on Instagram.

According to Asian Pop News, when asked on his current relationship with his wife, Vanness turned angry and said, “What!” He added, “I will give the same reply to everyone. I prefer to keep my privacy. Thank you!”

When being probed if his marriage rumours would affect his mood during filming, Vanness said, “If you continue to ask, it might!”

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