Ariel Lin is marrying BF on Xmas Eve -- and how they started dating makes it even more special

9 October 2014 / 2 years 2 weeks ago

After completing her studies in England, news are circulating that Ariel Lin will get engaged on her 32nd birthday, on 29 October 2014. She will also be getting married on Christmas Eve, 24 December.

Ariel and her businessman boyfriend, Lin Yuchao, have been in a steady relationship for two years. Last year, Yuchao was said to have flown over to London and proposed to her on her birthday.

Ariel’s manager has confirmed news of her wedding, but said that specific details would only be announced after Ariel is back from England.

According to Asian Pop News, Ariel and Yuchao started dating after being the groomsman and bridesmaid at a wedding.

Ariel’s good friend, Joe Cheng extended his congratulations to her on his Weibo. “I know you are a very private person and I kept my congratulations for very long. I can finally send my blessings to you openly and like what I told you at London, enjoy the process! Be a happy bride.”

Rainie Yang also shared Joe’s post and remarked, “Although it is a joyous occasion, I almost suffocated [from keeping it a secret] because of this private girl. Congratulations!”

Daniel Chan, who starred with Ariel in Lan Ling Wang <蘭陵王>, also posted Ariel’s wedding invitation with 'YCL' printed on it. They are likely to be the initials of Ariel and her boyfriend. Daniel wrote, “Congratulations, Ariel! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!”

After knowing that news of her wedding had been exposed, Ariel wrote on her Weibo today, “Farewell to the past.”

Besides bidding farewell to her studies in England, Ariel also bade farewell to her singlehood, ready to embark a new chapter of her life.

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