Ariel Lin reveals plans after marriage -- which makes fans nervous

12 October 2014 / 2 years 2 weeks ago

Source: Jaynestars

After her upcoming nuptials, Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin (林依晨) plans to move to California with her fiancé, Charles Lin (林于超).

Blessings were showered upon Ariel after it was announced that she and Charles would be holding their engagement party on October 29, which also happens to be Ariel’s 32nd birthday.

Many of her previous costars, such as Taiwanese actors Bolin Chen (陳柏霖) and Joe Cheng (鄭元暢), publicly congratulated her and expressed that they would be sending her monetary gifts worth 100,000 NTD or more.

However, some fans grew nervous when Ariel revealed that she would not be living in Taiwan after the wedding, which is set for December 24.

Instead, Ariel plans to move to the United States to join her fiancé, Charles Lin, who manages a diving product branch office located in California.

In order to quell any worries, Ariel’s manager assured fans that the actress has no intention of halting her entertainment career due to her marriage.

In fact, Ariel has already agreed to begin filming a movie in March of next year.

Though Ariel has always been low-key about her love life, her close friends have openly expressed their approval of Charles, whom they view as an ideal boyfriend who puts them at ease.

Though he may seem like a typical rich heir, he actually possesses good living habits, and he neither smokes nor drinks.

Ariel and Charles have reportedly known each other for more than ten years, though they only began dating in 2011, when they met again after serving as bridesmaid and best man at a wedding.

On Ariel’s birthday last year, Charles made a special trip to England, where she is currently studying, in order to surprise her with a necklace and a marriage proposal.

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