Ariel Lin reduced to tears over recalling tough childhood due to mum's woes

20 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Taiwanese actress-singer was reduced to tears when she revealed how her mother struggled to pay off her credit card debts while she and her younger brother were growing up.

Speaking at a variety show, the usually-stoic Lin got emotional on camera as she recalled how her mother tried to juggle her financial woes then by attempting to settle the outstanding balance on one card with another credit card, reported My Paper.

She ended up with over 10 credit cards, and became a 'credit card slave'.

That wasn't the only problem that made Lin's life anything but easy, as her mother also suffered a minor stroke when a blood vessel in her neck burst, leaving the then-teenager to care for her family.

Recounting how she found out about her mother's condition, the 30-year-old celebrity said: "Then, my mum will always drag around a cart with the two of us seated in it.

"One day, I realised her speed of dragging the cart had slowed down, she was panting heavier than usual and her hair also began to turn white.

"That was when I told her: 'Mum, stop. You come on board the cart and I'll drag it instead."

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