Are Song Ji Hyo's charms enough to befriend this baby lion?

15 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

On a recent episode of Running Man, Song Ji Hyo was given an unusual task -- to befriend a baby lion.Actress Song Ji Hyo used her charms  to get friendly with a baby lion.On a recent episode of SBS‘˜ ‘˜Running Man,’ the members were given a ‘˜one to one Safari mission.’ Song Ji Hyo’s mission was to be chosen by a baby lion named Ray after getting close to him.She Song Ji Hyo petted Ray and gave him a bottle, befriending the little guy immediately. Ray looked calm and comfortable snuggled in Song Ji Hyo’s arms.Meanwhile, Lee Kwang Soo also succeeded in befriending his doppelganger, a giraffe.

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