Anzalna Nasir believes she does not have any fans

15 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Malaysian actress Anzalna Nasir feels she is nowhere near the top of the popularity list even though she has been in the local television scene for the past two years.The 25-year-old actress told mStar in an interview that her low popularity may be due to her social media presence, or rather the lack of it.She said: "I've never thought of myself having any fans -- I have no 'facebook fanpage' or even a fan club. Maybe there are some peoplew ho know me as an actress, but they are not counted as friends"."So, whenever I am outside and strangers smile at me because they recognise me, I feel awkward".This is one reason why Anzalna is not expecting herself to win any awards in the entertainment industry, and especially those that are votes-based."I may not expect to be able to win any award presently, but that does not mean I've never dreamt of it. All actors have such a dream as an award is like a token of appreciation."An award for Anzalna may happen in the future for her but she knows now is not that moment as her career has just begun and there is much for her to learn still.This is why she is now open to trying out different roles and characters."I want to try playing good characters, I want the audience to see me from a variety of non-hazardous character and one character only," he said of bringing the main character in the drama rise of A Girl in Samarinda slot, TV3 began Wednesday.Meanwhile, talking about the controversy, he was now better prepared to deal with the gossip and controversies that might hit him after dealing with some controversy in the early appearance last year.Film actor Sepah The Movie this regard the matter as a part of life that she has when called artist.Clearly, the last event gave him the experience and lessons to be more careful when speaking.

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