Any more siblings for Baby Zed? Christopher Lee spills the beans

30 October 2014 / 1 year 12 months ago

Charlene Chua
The New Paper 
Monday, Oct 27, 2014

He would breastfeed his son if he could. That is how much Christopher Lee loves his newborn, who, he feels, was the reason he won big at the 49th Golden Bell Awards on Saturday.

Lee scored the Best Actor award for hit Taiwanese drama A Good Wife (2013) - his first acting accolade outside of Singapore at Taiwan's equivalent of the Emmy Awards.

The Malaysian-born Singapore-based actor credits his win to the "good luck" his family has brought him.

This is his second nomination at the Golden Bell Awards, after he lost out on the Best Actor award for tele-movie Forgotten (2012).

Speaking to The New Paper from Taiwan, Lee, 43, said: "When I married (local actress) Fann (Wong), I could feel that she brought me good fortune. It's the same feeling that I got when my son Zed was born (on National Day). I do want more babies. In fact, Fann wants them even more than me now."

During the awards ceremony, which lasted around four hours, Lee said he started getting nervous when he was sitting in the front row and his category was looming. Seeing all the winners receive their awards made him even more anxious.

Said the actor: "I really wanted to win. When my name was called, I was exuberant. I was overjoyed when I thanked my wife and son in my speech."

For now, the proud father also could not be happier, even though his new responsibilities include changing dirty nappies.

Wong and Zed are staying with him in Taiwan now because of his work commitments. Said Lee: "I love fatherhood and am enjoying it so much. Even though we have a helper, there are many things we'd rather do ourselves because that's how we bond with Zed.

"I do everything like burping him, bathing him, changing his diapers. If I could make breast milk, I'll want to breastfeed him as well."

He said it is a joy to look at his newborn, whose face is looking more like his and Wong's every day. While Zed has inherited Fann's eyes, his cheekbones, nose and lips are all dad's.

Lee said he wants at least one more child. He said: "If it's God's will that we have more children, they will be a much welcomed addition to our family.

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