Anushka gets her foreign crew hooked on Indian food

23 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Anushka Sharma recently visited Paris and Turkey for fashion shoots. And like most visiting tourists, she decided to try out the cuisines available in both places.According to an article in Times of India, while shooting in Istanbul, the actress found an Indian restaurant in the vicinity and since the crew in Turkey hadn't tasted Indian food but were keen to, the sprightly actress trooped into the desi food joint and treated them to apna khana, made specially for the gang by the Indian chef.While most people would like to go to other countries and try the cuisine there, Anushka did that as well but also made sure that she introduced the delicious Indian food to the international crew. The crew was delighted and loved the samosas.Anushka also taught them how to pronounce the name of the Indian dishes and explained to them how they're made and the kind of spices used in Indian food. While the crew members were chomping, she got them to listen to some of the latest Hindi film songs too.And before you knew it, everyone was nodding their heads in appreciation for both the food and the music. Atta girl Anuskha, keep the desi flavour going!

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