Anthony Wong's makes sour apology for calling Linda Chung 'old'

20 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

At the TVB Anniversary Awards, Anthony Wong served as the award presenter for TV Queen.

Before presenting the award, Anthony teased the five TV Queen candidates and when he got to Linda Chung, he said: "Linda Chung, how old are you, still called a BB?"

Because of Anthony's comment and it was clear he supported Kristal Tin, some of the Linda fans were very upset and scolded Anthony on Weibo calling him a senior that is a personal attacker.

Yesterday morning, Anthony wrote on Weibo: "If Linda Chung is upset, I want to apologize to her. If it is just you all (fans) who are upset, then I'm also willing to apologize. You all can write what you want, I will sign the back of it.

It appeared Anthony's apology had overtones of anger. Many Netizens supported him, praising that he had the "manners of an adult".

Compared to the past on how he treated Show Luo's fans, he was clearly a lot more polite this time.

Although Linda hadn't responded to this incident, her loyal fans expressed their idol wouldn't mind. Its just some fans can get overly sensitive and hope Anthony won't have a bad impression on Linda.

Linda later accepted an interview and expressed: "I absolutely didn't take it to heart. BB is just a nickname the media gave me. Many people call me BB. Hopefully you all don't get too troubled by this small matter, this world is filled with love."

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