Annie Yi called for investigations after mocking Chinese government

15 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Asian FanaticsTaiwanese singer-actress Annie Yi was called in for an investigation after she publicly showed her support for China's liberal newspaper 'ËœSouthern Weekly' which promotes freedom of speech.She was uncontactable since then, making her fans and family worried.However, Annie reassured them of her safety through a text message, saying that 'Ëœher work is back to normal' and her new book 'ËœFall in Love with Body' is now published.Annie, known for being daring with her words, said that she would fully support the 'ËœSouthern Weekly's challenge against the Chinese government, and even mockingly described the Chinese government press as 'Ëœdogs'.Besides sharing beauty tips in her new book, the 43-year-old also generously showed off her good figure through a photo-shoot in bikini.

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