Annie Chen gets hit with bat and kneed in chest, stomach and chin while filming

12 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Apparently, filming isn’t as easy as it seems. Annie Chen has suffered quite a few injuries on set, reports Drama Nut.Remember the scene where Zhou Zhen saves Xiao Shu from the baseball? Well, he saved her from the ball but ended up dinging her in the head with the bat, instead.The scene when Xiao Shu tripped and fell while running away from Jason and Zhou Zhen so dramatically saved her from the fall by allowing her to fall on him? That took quite a bit of suffering on Annie’s part to make the scene look right. In the process she got kneed in the chest and stomach.When she got off of Zhou Zhen right after the dramatically romantic scene from above, he ended up kneeing her in the chin. Good thing her tongue wasn’t between her teeth!And now we can appreciate all that the actors have to go through to bring us an hour of entertainment every week.

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