Aniu shows Fiona Xie how to kiss Taiwan hunk

14 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: The Daily ChilliDespite being named FHM's "Sexiest Woman Of The Year" in 2005, Singaporean actress and one of MediaCorps' "seven princesses" Fiona Xie had to be instructed how to kiss a man on the set of her new rom-com The Golden Couple.The recipient of her clunky lip-lock was her co-star, Taiwanese heartthrob Mike He Jun Xiang. Mike plays a golden boy of the advertising world and Fiona is his business rival, a sexy but distant career girl who's every bit his equal-and as love jobs go, the unlikely couple is also a perfect match.In one scene, as they engage in a battle of wits over a million-dollar deal and flirt with each other, he tries to steal a kiss from her but ends up with bruised lips when she bites him instead."It was very embarrassing," recalled Fiona about her awkward attempt at snogging her co-star. "It was our first day of shooting and we hadn't even said hello. I didn't know how to position my head and I bit him as soon as his lips touched mine."And so it fell onto Malaysian pop star-turned-moviemaker Aniu, directing his second feature after debuting with the acclaimed Ice Kacang Puppy Love two years ago, to physically show her how to kiss a man. In his demonstration, Aniu said he "took advantage" of Mike by touching his cheeks.Aniu also told reporters that he tried to get Fiona, 30, to flaunt her body in his movie. "I wanted to portray her figure during a horse-riding scene, but we didn't get the effect we wanted because she wore the wrong bra that day."Meanwhile, having seen a preview of the movie, which opens nationwide this week, we can report that Mike, as handsome and suave as his past characters in several Taiwanese idol dramas, showcases a new depth and an unseen vulnerability."I've learned a lot on acting through this role," said the 28-year-old star. "It's very different and dimensional. This movie is rich with contemporary elements and current issues. It deals with young people's concept of material wealth."Money is something of a sore point with the movie's producer Adrian Teh, too, because the movie was originally slated to open 13th September. However, under the local wajib tayang (compulsory screening) rules, because its opening clashed with the premiere of another movie Kepong Gangster, his movie was shelved for a 13th December release.Teh claims that they've "suffered financial losses" from the movie's delay, but will only look at the total sum after the distribution is completed.The movie's cast also includes Malaysians Steve Yap, Chris Tong, Lai Meng and Taiwan-based singer Jess Lee Kar Wei making her acting debut.As for Aniu's next project, the 36-year-old Penang man says he wants to do a cop flick. However, he added that he's also "slowing down" his pace because, "It's getting more physically taxing to make a movie these days."

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