Anita Yuen saves hubby Chilam Cheung from manager's $1 million scam

3 October 2014 / 2 years 3 weeks ago

Entertainment tycoon Stephen Shiu Jr. (蕭定一) announced that his company, China 3D Entertainment recently fired Polly Leung (梁雅詩), the manager in charge of accepting jobs for many of the company’s artistes.

It is reported that Polly scammed a seven-figure sum from Chilam Cheung (張智霖). Other artistes who were cheated by Polly included Irene Wan (溫碧霞), Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) and Jacquelin Chong (莊思敏).

Initially a respected manager, Polly’s figures were not adding up and she apparently used Chilam’s name to obtain a large amount of bakery coupons to bribe many media outlets.

While Polly was still acting as Chilam’s manager, she used his fame for her own purposes and secretly pocked over $1 million HKD, reports a Jayne Stars article.

Although Chilam was unaware of Polly’s actions, his wife Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) quickly caught on and reported her to Stephen. Because Anita has a wide circle of friends and a lot of connections, news of Polly’s schemes eventually reached to Anita’s ears.

When the couple first confronted Polly and planned to call the police, Polly pleaded that she was pregnant. Feeling sympathetic and not wanting to have Polly give birth in prison, Chilam and Anita let her off the hook.

However, as it turns out, Polly lied about her pregnancy from the beginning. Unhappy that their trust was abused once again, Chilam and Anita contacted Stephen to put an end to the matter once and for all.

Asked about the amount he was cheated, Chilam said, “It didn’t amount to millions of dollars [HKD]! We’ll let the company handle the issue.”

Not long afterwards, an insider revealed that Irene Wan was also a victim of Polly’s deceit. “When Polly worked with Irene, she secretly pocketed millions of dollars [HKD]! When Irene found out, Polly used the pregnancy lie so that Irene would drop the charges!”

Although Chilam and many artistes under China 3D Entertainment were victims of Polly’s scam, it was fortunate that Anita caught on early to prevent further losses and more victims.

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