Anita Yuen enraged by 'sore loser' comment

20 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

A few days ago at the TVB Anniversary Awards, Chilam Cheung was the hot favorite TV King candidate, but unfortunately failed to get the title.

When he got on stage to accept his 'My Favorite TV Male Character' award, his "loyal children" was said to have been indirect critism to TVB.

He and his wife Anita Yuen had previously betted on who would get the award, and since Chilam lost the bet, he gave his wife a diamond bracelet worth 6 figures and Anita "thanked" TVB on Weibo.

A netizen called the couple sore losers, and said Anita had "paranoia".

The comment lit Anita on fire as she defended her husband by refuting the Netizen.

Anita wrote: "Are you sick? Are you trying to start a fight?" Yesterday Anita accepted a phone interview, she expressed she and her husband just had a bet and told Netizens to stop thinking too much. "I received a gift that I liked, and couldn't help but to share it with everyone. I don't understand why some people could have unlimited imaginations."

She refuted netizens saying that they are sore losers: "You have to get it straight, I didn't say my husband would definitely win the award. I had a bet with him, I said he would lose. It is just that simple. Don't try to magnify the issue." Chilam didn't know his wife and Netizens had a war of words. He accepted an interview and said: "I just participated in one show, and being part of a show that had such high ratings, it is an honor."

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