Anita Chui is so sexy, but here's how co-star reacted "feeling her up"

8 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung, Eric Kwok Wai Leung, Anita Chui Bik Ka and other stars attended the film LO LUP BIN LEI DIM (KNOCK OVER CONVENIENT STORE)'s start-of-production ceremony on Dec 7.

According to HK Top Ten, Eric was the lead actor for the first time.

He revealed that aside from getting shot he also had vulgar and explosive content, which made him very nervous.

Seen without zipping up his zipper on set, reporters asked if it was because he was nervous. However, Eric explained that this was his costume in the film, and for now he could not reveal anything.

He also admitted that his wife Grace Ip Pui Man had complained about his passionate scene with Anita Chui.

"Originally she did not react much, but after performing the scene she warned me not to exchange numbers with Anita. I joked that she only wanted to send me photos from the set, but she said no way."

Eric had a scene in which he felt up Bik Ka. He said that indeed he was very embarrassed.

After the director's reminder, he was afraid of more bad takes and finally really felt her up.

He continued, "I thank Grace for being so understanding. Back then when I saw her bed scene with (Carl) Ng Ka Lun I also felt very uncomfortable inside. Now she finally understands."

In the cold wind, Anita busted out of her cheerleader costume while showing off her waist and legs. She said that this costume had considerably more cloth. In the film she had even more and different sexy costumes.

Would she have any nude scenes?

She said, "No, for now I can't accept nudity. In the film I am conceptually daring."

She felt that getting felt up by Eric wasn't awkward because they had proper communication beforehand.

"We still have an even more intimate bed scene, which I am pretty nervous about."

Anita Chui
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