Anhui man undergoes plastic surgery to look like Chinese icon Lei Feng

15 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Source: Shanghaiist

An Anhui man who sought out plastic surgery last year to look like Chinese icon Lei Feng completed his operations and celebrated with a photo shoot showing the results of his transformation.

 While most of us stick with framed photos, charity worker Zhang Yidong said he wanted to transform his looks as a way to pay tribute to his number one idol, Lei, a Chines soldier who became a character for servitude and earnestness after his death in 1962.

Zhang completed his first phase of plastic surgery back in March. After 10 days of healing, he took part in this photo shoot depicting the life of Lei in a modern setting. It was originally published last year and recently posted again on People's Daily.

It's now reported that Zhang plans to change his name to Lei Feng as well. Lei, a transportation specialist in the PLA, was widely celebrated after his death (he was reportedly struck by a falling telephone pole) as a model citizen.

His face was splashed across propaganda posters as a reminder to the public of selflessness and devotion to duty, and even Chairman Mao rallied the people to "learn from Comrade Lei Feng".

The fuzzy legacy of Lei has been debated among historians as well as the general public, and it's widely believed that his deeds were heavily exaggerated to serve the Party's purpose. Some people, obviously not Zhang, question whether Lei even existed at all.

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