Angry fans lash out at Se7en for massage parlour visit while on duty

26 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Fans of Se7en vented their frustrations at the star after news broke of his visiting an illicit massage parlour while on duty.According to a report on, Se7en's fan cafe 'Farineli' had been filled with supportive messages up until yesterday, but now disappointed fans are venting their loss of respect for the singer.Among the messages left by fans were the following:"The 10 years that I devoted to Se7en as a fan have all gone to waste""This is just disappointing. Justice should be served""He probably regrets it. Where did he go wrong?""It's shameful to be a fan of a celebrity who goes to prostitution venues""I can only sigh at this entire situation""Give me back nearly 10 years of my life""I wonder if he was always this kind of person and just succeeded in building up an image, or if he just changed as a person""I can't even tell people I'm Se7en's fan now""Se7en's birthday used to be the last digits of my phone number. I'm going to go get it changed now""How can this all have happened...""I don't even want to spare my emotions of anger on you now"Se7en's transgressions while on duty had been brought to light by SBS' 'On-Site 21'. The show had highlighted the 'special treatment' of celebrity soldiers, who had been caught going out and about in regular attire, using, cellphones, and drinking freely while on duty.Se7en and Sangchu are also under investigation for visiting a massage parlor known for providing sexual services in the middle of the night. The issue at hand is that these incidents all occurred while under active duty time, not on time off.It has also recently been reported that before the program was aired, Sangchu is said to have commented during the investigation, "I'll take all the responsibility for this situation as a higher-ranking soldier... This is not Se7en's fault."However, netizens reason that whether or not Sangchu is the higher ranking soldier, Se7en cannot be claimed innocent in the matter as he is an adult, who is fully aware of his actions.Regarding the whole ordeal, the agencies of both Sangchu (YMC Entertainment) and Se7en (YG Entertainment) are remaining silent. YMC has commented that they cannot make any comments as they aren't able to get in touch with Sangchu, while YG Entertainment has closed off all communications, even skipping out on releasing Yang Hyun Suk's letter to fans that was supposed to be revealed today.

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