Angelique Teo: New Face kicked off my career

21 October 2012 / 4 years 4 days ago
Source: The New Paper

It was 19 years ago that Angelique NicoleIt was 19 years ago that Angelique Nicolette Teo was named New Face 1993.

Today, the 38-year-old is still in the limelight.

Angelique is now a professional television presenter and host.

She has been a model, television host, radio deejay, writer, and more recently, an entrepreneur.

And she thanks the New Face contest for her career.

She said: "Winning New Face was the thing that kicked off everything else for me.

"New Face was a huge thing for me back then.

It was totally different from what it is now in terms of the prizes and the scale of the event, but it was still very exciting.

"Back in 1993, she won $5,000 worth of prizes.

This year, the winner will walk away with $10,000 cash and be featured in a magazine.

Talking about her decision to join the contest, she said: "My mum saw the ad and told me to apply, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

"I was an extrovert and I loved the camera so I figured I'd see how it went.

"Her decision evidently paid off.

But her favourite memory from back then wasn't just that of her winning.

"All the photoshoots and the publicity was great.

It was fun to see yourself in the limelight, sort of like your own 15 minutes of fame.

"After modelling came television.

She has hosted big events such as the 21st South-east Asian (SEA) Games, the Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix, and is the current host for LI TV on HBO Signature.

And she has gone into business.

She recently launched a line of moisturising candles named Amore by Gio Otto.

She always loved candles and using moisturiser, which is why she decided to "marry them together".

Explaining how they work, she said: "The candles are made of soy and when you light them up, they melt like a regular candle.

"After half-an-hour, you put your hand into the melted candle and rub it onto your skin.

"Her latest gig is as host of the New Face 2012 finals next Thursday.

She crowed: "I don't think they could've gotten a better host than an ex-New Face winner who is also a professional host!"Despite her long list of achievements and well-maintained good looks, she remains humorously modest.

"I'll be on the New Face stage again, but I won't be as nervous because I'm not getting judged this time.

After all, this face isn't that new anymore.

"But anything to do with New Face will always be a bit surreal for me.

"Angelique was also a judge for the New Face finals in 2002 and 2007.

But she's more excited to be hosting the event, claiming that she's "a terrible judge" and that "she likes everybody".

She explained: "I guess it's because I was a contestant before, so I know how hard it is for these girls.

"It makes me more sympathetic."
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