Angelica Lee seems to have forgiven cheating hubby as they walk hand in hand on HK streets

17 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Angelica Lee Sinjie arrived at HKTV for a costume fitting yesterday and was reportedly bombarded by reporters waiting outside for photos of her.

In a white top and jeans Sinjie appeared without makeup. with sunglasses on she appeared nervously inside the vehicle, often biting her lips, finger, touching her ears, grasping her hands tightly. Her wedding ring was removed, reports Hktopten.

After several minutes, Sinjie gradually left the vehicle with her assistant. She was asked if she has already forgiven her hubby Oxide Pang for cheating on her to which she only responded: "Sorry."

When Sinjie was busy with her costume fitting, her husband Oxide was spotted at a mobile phone accessory store in Mongkok.

He sat outside the store, chatted with the clerk and played with his phone. He like Sinjie did not wear a wedding ring.

Events leading up to Sinjie's costume fitting revealed that the actress had forgiven her husband.

Just the night before, they were spotted holding hands on the streets of Hong Kong and even swung their arms happily at the hotel lobby.

Photos 1 to 10 of the gallery show recent photos of the couple in Hong Kong, while the rest of the gallery shows related photos.

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