Angelica Lee and hubby visit Buddhist temples to attain peace

14 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Actress Angelica Lee was spotted visiting Buddhist temples recently with husband, Oxide Pang.

According to a report on Jaynestars, Malaysian press spotted Oxide taking Angelica to a Buddhist temple in Malaysia.

Angelica was said to be religiously mediating for seven days, while Oxide would recite prayers at another nearby temple for a few hours.

Reporters managed to snap a photo of the couple when Oxide went to pick Angelica up from the temple, said Jaynestars.

The couple was said to be looking calm and were in good spirits.

On July 8, Angelica wrote on her Sina Weibo micro-blog that she was indeed meditating.

She said: "After isolation [for meditation] for seven days, I’m finally out! May the merit of my practice be returned to everyone!”

The couple recently had a media scandal when Oxide was spotted with 26-year-old actress Liddy Li in May.

The pair was caught kissing at a movie cinema and reports later revealed that they have been secretly dating since February.

After the scandal, Angelica and Oxide released a joint-statement saying they will continue to work on their marriage problems.

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