Angelababy's popularity surges after romance with China heartthrob

7 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: China Buzz
Photos: China Buzz,

Hong Kong model Angela Baby’s popularity recently surged after her romance with China heartthrob Huang Xiaoming was exposed.

The lovin’ couple was seen feeding each other cherries and tangerines and watching a film in Beijing.

The 21-year-old belle’s sexiness is due not just to her pretty face and long legs. A mysterious set of tattoos was seen on the inner side of her left thigh, an unusual place you might think.

Maybe the tattoos will reappear in her sexy photo album, Paradise, to be launched in July.

Huang reportedly has seen the photos taken in Guam and gasped, “So hot!‘

However, rumors of her having had plastic surgeries are rife on the Internet.

Netizens claimed that she had a face lift in Japan, in addition to teeth correction, nose job, double-fold eyelid surgery, cheekbone reduction and chin surgery.

She has flatly denied the rumors, claiming that her new look is because she has lost her baby fat.

Photos of her (you would be thinking it’s a different person) with “sausage lips‘ were widely circulated on the Net last year.

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