Angelababy's five Christmas wishes for the new year

22 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Jayne StarsExcited to celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday, Angelababy shared her five Christmas wishes on her blog with her fans. She hopes to achieve the following in the coming year:-         Collaborate with famed fashion designer Karl Lagerfield-         Get a driver’s license-         Come across a good script-         Purchase a home-         Dedicate more time in helping the less privilegedAngelababy hopes to establish a volunteer committee so that they can spend some time helping others in need at the various destinations she travels to for work. She happily says, “I was so happy to be notified that a little girl who fell ill with pneumonia Xinjiang, China is now on the road to recovery and has left the hospital.. When she was sick, I sang to her and gave her my moral support. Helping others not only makes me happy, but it is also a source of motivation for myself! I live with the motto that helping others is the root of all happiness.‘Angelababy also wishes for an opportunity to collaborate with famed fashion designer Karl Lagerfield, whom is Angelababy’s inspiration when it comes to fashion and design. While filming a Christmas special, Angelababy was inspired to remove the beads from her clothing and hair accessory to dress up two little stuffed deer toys.With a big heart, Angelababy hopes to buy a home to live with her family. “A home would provide the privacy and security for me and my family to live comfortably and peacefully. It’ll also be a place for my dogs to run around freely and just be themselves, because they are my family too!‘

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