Angelababy's ex-BF William Chan can give Charlene Choi something better than a Lambo

11 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

A few days ago, Angelababy's boyfriend Huang Xiaoming surprised her with a HK$2.3 million Lamborghini and flowers on her birthday.

William Chan had once dated Angelababy for 4 years, but now he and his current girlfriend Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) are just as sweet.

William regards Ah Sa as his "wife", and has been focused on making money in Mainland, saving up tons in preparation to give Ah Sa a comforting home at any time. 

Yesterday, William attended an event and was asked if he had plans to buy Ah Sa a home, reports an article on Oriental Daily via Asian Fanatics.

He said without hesitation, "I can. We're happy just the way we are now, but if she does want a new home, I will try my best to please her. (Please her to death?) No, just have to see what your other half truly needs."

Asked if he'll be like Huang Xiaoming and give his girlfriend a high-profile surprise, William replied, "I like to keep a low-profile. Ah Sa and I like to keep it simple, even if we're eating fishball noodles together, we're just as happy."

Angelababy got an extravagant surprise from Huang Xiaoming. She was so happy that she embraced him and they held hands in public. William generously admitted he saw the report too and has seen the pictures on Weibo.

Asked whether he felt it was very sweet too, William responded, "Happiness is the most important. I'm happy for her. (Did you send a SMS wishing her a happy birthday?) No, we rarely keep in touch." 

The public said Huang Xiaoming was too high-profile, but William did not want to comment too much. He said, "Every individual has their own lifestyle and way of expressing their love. The most important is happiness."

Regarding rumours that Angelabab was pregnant, William said, "Just a rumor, I don't really believe it. She's still young, I believe Baby is focused on her career."

William added that he he rarely mentions his ex-girlfriends in front of his current girlfriend: "We don't really talk about it. Every individual will have their past and their story. I sincerely wish Baby the best."

Currently working in Mainland, Ah Sa was asked if she'll be really surprised if William buys her a new home. She said: "I'll be happy with whatever surprise he gives me. Just as long as the surprise is from him. Most important is he has the heart."

Yumiko Cheng and Niki Chow also attended an anniversary event for a hair salon yesterday. Yumiko disclosed that she has a polyp in her throat and will have to undergo surgery next week.

As for Huang Xiaoming's high profile birthday surprise to girlfriend Angelababy, Yumiko said she's not envious and revealed that her husband gave her a car as a gift before too.

"Just something I needed. (What kind of car?) Just an ordinary car. Actually I don't really need any surprises, too big of a surprise actually frightens me."

Niki said she didn't know Angelababy got such a big surprise on her birthday and that every couple has their own way of being happy.

Asked if her boyfriend Jeremy Jones is a romantic person, she laughed and replied, "He's okay, always doing things that I can't believe. (He flew to the U.S to see you as a surprise?) Haha, secret." 

Check out Angelababy's Lambo surprise from Huang Xiaoming in the gallery below.

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