Angelababy went deaf for 10min after risky stunt

2 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

In the Angelababy starred film A SENTIMENTAL STORY she played a cop and personally performed dangerous stunts like car flips and explosions.

According to HKTopTen, Angelababy recalled the gun fight scene shoot. "When the shot went inside the car, the trigger spot was right by the ear.

"As soon as the car was started, it suddenly went off. My ear rang, then for over ten minutes I couldn't hear anything. It took awhile before it eased."

Aside from gun fights, car chase and car flip scenes were also great physical challenges to Angelababy.

She said, "In several scenes our car was flipped, then we had to crawl out of it and ran on the highway in heels. Every day I was tired from all the running. After work my assistant carried me back."

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