Angelababy shares parents' photos to counter plastic surgery rumours

17 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Comparing old photos of Angelababy’s early modeling days with her current self, remarkable differences are apparent.

Although regarded by many as the most successful plastic surgery celebrity in the Chinese entertainment industry, Angelababy often denied that she had any surgical procedures done.

According to Jayne Stars, her old photos, which show Angelababy having thick lips, uneven teeth, and bloated cheeks, are widely circulated online, and netizens often compare her before and after photos.

Due to recent reports of Angelababy supposedly being pregnant lately, discussion about her plastic surgery rumors returned once again, gaining momentum on many online discussion boards.

The 25-year-old seemed to be bothered by the new gossip. A few days earlier, Angelababy shared some past and current photos of her parents, implying that she genetically inherited her goods looks.

Netizens praised Angelababy’s good-looking parents, including comments such as “Definitely fine genes! So it turns out that dad and mom were also god and goddess!”

Another wrote, “Seeing your looks, I believe that you didn’t get plastic surgery.”

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